The Ultimate Guide to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

What is fiber laser cutting machine?

  Fiber laser cutting machine is a machine which has great power to fulfill cutting requirement. It can do not only the flat cutting but also the angle cutting, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Compared with ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine, the most outstanding superiority of it is innovation. It is a world’s leading technology machine and environmental protection machine because it saves space and gas consumption, high photoelectric conversion rate, making our manufacturing process more eco-friendly.

How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?

  Fiber laser cutter uses a fiber laser generator as light source to cut materials. It output high energy density laser beam, and is gathered on the surface of the workpiece, melting and gasifying the area that is irradiated by ultrafine focus spectrum, and moving spot illumination through a CNC mechanical system.
  With the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moving, the material is eventually cut to form a slit, thus achieving the purpose of cutting.The fiber cutting machine is more and more popular among domestic and foreign users due to their high level of automatic cutting, flexibility,high processing efficiency, high precision and short product cycle. 

Let's watch a video to learn how does fiber laser cuttng machine works


  With the speedy development of manufacturing industry in recent years, the fiber laser cutting machine have become widely used in diverse industries and its demand has also increased rapidly, which promoted its production and application. The sophisticated machines can be used to slice the below raw materials:
  ● metal
  ● glass
  ● wood
  ● plastics
  ● leather

If you need a fiber cutter for cutting copper/brass, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, HF·B Fiber Laser Cutting Machine would be a better choice.


Purchasing guide: How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine

  We all want a machine that guarantees optional performance with minimal downtime , exhibits the highest level of consistency, accuracy and safe to operate. You can choose the right one which suits for you if you have an in-depth knowledge of laser cutting machine. This guide is meant to help you understand what’s available in the market and how to pick the right machine for your next project or customer order.
  ●  First you need to confirm the thickness and size of the cutting plate or pipe, Hymson laser has from 1000W-30000W power Laser Cutting Machines to choose, Work surface can be customized according to your needs.

  ● To make the smartest choice, the types of the fiber laser machine should not be ignored. The fiber laser cutting machine is essentially a CNC machine for processing metal materials. But in order to facilitate the user’s use and choice, he is usually classified in the market. From the perspective of the shape of the processing material of the laser machine, the laser machine includes a tube laser cutting machine, a sheet laser cutting machine, and a plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine.Therefore that is really important that you need to know what you use this machine for. 
  ● Cutting methods should be considered. There are many different methods in cutting using lasers, with different types used to cut different material. Some of the methods are vaporization, melt and blow, melt blow and burn, thermal stress cracking, scribing, cold cutting and burning stabilized laser cutting.

  In conclusion, I think the best fiber laser cutting machine is the one that suffice your requirements, Hymsom lasers provides fiber laser cutting machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, precision laser cutting machines, and laser welding machine. Please contact us if you are in need of a fiber laser, we can get you suited into something that fits you.

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