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Hymson Laser is one of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, founded in 2008, has been making contributions to the fields of laser and automation. Now it has become the world’s leading laser and automation equipment integrated solution provider and a national high-tech enterprise.

● The Carrier of Science and Technology of stainless steel cnc cutting machine

Through the continuous contributions and study in the industry for nearly 10 years, Hymson Laser maintains the proportion of R&D engineers of nearly 50% and has built a carrier of automation science and technology very fast. It has a senior research team for software development/process development with a complete organizational system, a laser application technology laboratory, an intelligent equipment R&D center and an application software development center.

● User Experience  of welding machine laser

Hymson Laser has accumulated extensive experience in the field of high-end application. By combining software control and hardware design and deep development of processes, it customizes man-machine interactive operation platforms leading in the industry to guarantee the technology leadership of Hymson cnc laser cutting machine and at the same time to be able to provide even more amazing stable, efficient, intelligent user experience for entry-level and professional users.

● Manufacturing Field of stainless steel sheet cutting machine

Integrated laser automation solutions, such as intelligent laser sheet cutting equipment, intelligent metal laser cutting equipment, welding machine laser, intelligent 3D laser processing equipment, and laser automation software, etc. Widely used in engineering machinery, construction machinery, light industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, electrical manufacturing, automobile making and aerospace industries.

● Industry Contribution Of high power cnc laser cutting machine

Hymson Laser is committed to making contributions to China’s social development. Over the years, it has been participating with its partners in the response to the social problems faced by China’s sustainable development and actively participating in the research and development in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, clean manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection, etc. to help the promotion of the Made in China 2025 strategy and to drive the benign development of the industry.

CNC Control System Provided By Cnc fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers

Take HF-A Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine as an Example

fiber laser metal cutting machine system

 Master 6000 Control System

The equipment applies Master5000T laser cutting control system developed based on the Windows operating system. It uses bus communication and integrates modular design and many laser cutting modules with dedicated functions. The interfaces are simple and elegant and the functions are strong and practical. Equipped with a touch screen, a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, the equipment is easy to operate.

● Simple and Practical Cutting Software of engraving machines

We provide Master 6000 cutting software with complete functions. With rich functions, the software highly simplifies and optimizes the cutting process to significantly improve the operator’s work efficiency and production efficiency.


● Automatic Switching between Marking and Cutting Modes

The marking and cutting modes are separately set by the operator before the commencement of cutting. The operator may reconfigure the stainless steel sheet cutting machine and input new settings without stopping the material handling process. The switching between modes is automatic, which improves the productivity of compound cutting.

● Real-time Frequency and Power Curves 

In order to obtain high quality acute angles and right angles, the software is equipped with real-time frequency and power curves and regulates the power of laser radiation automatically according to the movement speed of the cutting head. When the movement speed of the cutting head is zero (when it stops at a corner), the power of output radiation equals to the minimum power set in Setup to prevent burning the corner.

● Rich Process Layer Interfaces of 
metal cutting machines

Master 6000 provides a number of layers, each of which can be independently set, including such process parameters as cutting speed, laser frequency, air pressure, cutting height, etc. The color of each layer is unique for easy browsing and configuration of parameters such as cutting graphics.

High power laser cutting machine system


User's Machine Installation Site Condition Preparation

S/N Content
1 Power Supply Capacity: ≥60KVA
2 Power Supply Requirements: (1) Three-phase voltage stability±5%; (2) Unbalancedness of three-phase power supply < 2.5% (Note: Abrupt changes in supply voltage and sudden power failure are not allowed, otherwise, the laser may be damaged easily. Good grounding is required (ground resistance < 3 Ohm).  
3 Compressed Air Supply Requirements:
(1) Air supply capacity: ≥ 0.8m3/min   (2) Air supply pressure: ≥ 7bar
(3) Dewpoint ≤ 5                 (4) Oil content ≤ 0.01ppm  Solid particle ≤ 0.01μm    
4 Auxiliary gas for cutting: Oxygen (O2)/ Nitrogen (N2): Purity ≥ 99.99%
5 Sheet (Tube) Cutting: Black skin, smooth, level, rustless, evenly rolled, reaching the ISO standard.
6 Installation Site Requirements: 1. The foundation for equipment installation does not settle and should be constructed according to the foundation drawing provided by Party B; 2. Temperature Requirement: [5-30]℃; 3. Humidity Requirement: < 70%; 4. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, separate the laser and install an air conditioner.
7 The equipment operator should have been graduated from a secondary specialized school or above and have the experience in operation of computers and general numerically-controlled lathes. The equipment should be equipped with a programming computer.

Equipment Acceptance

1. Acceptance Standard 

The acceptance should be according to the technical agreement between the customer and Hymson.

2. Final Acceptance
● After we complete the installation, commissioning and self-check of the equipment, the acceptance should be conducted at the demander’s site, including the acceptance inspection of the quantity, model/specification, functions, technical indexes, etc. all goods; the typical sample pieces recognized by both parties should be cut with laser.
● The parties should record the situation of acceptance and evaluate the acceptance results. Only after both parties sign the acceptance results can a performance test be conducted.

3.Other Notes to Final Acceptance
● If the acceptance is interrupted due to the failure of the auxiliary facilities (power supply, surroundings, etc.) at the site or the environment not complying with the normal operation requirements of the equipment, the demander should immediately conduct repair to ensure the conditions necessary for the normal work of the equipment.
● If the equipment is found to lack parts or be damaged or not complying with the contract terms and quality standards during the acceptance, we will be responsible for supplement and replacement at our expense.

metal fiber laser cutting machine structure

Precautions for Starting the Laser Cutting Machine

As a laser cutting machine uses electronic and optical devices, excessive temperature difference between inside and outside may cause dew formation on the surfaces of optical lenses and elements, thus reduces the performance of and even damage the laser and cutting head.
Dew formation inside a fiber laser is closely connected with the bad operating habits of the fiber laser operators of the customer. In order to reduce the fault rate of the fiber laser and decrease the losses caused by the downtime of the fiber laser machine of the customer, the operators of the customer are asked to pay attention to the following when using the fiber laser machine:

Switching sequence of the fiber laser machine (By switching on/off the machine strictly according to the switching sequence, the risk of dew formation inside the fiber laser may be reduced, thus decreases the faults of the laser)

1、Switching-on sequence of the fiber laser machine

(1)Turn on the main power switch of the laser and allow the air conditioner or dehumidifier of the cabinet to run for over 30 minutes.
(2)30 minutes after the laser has been switched on, turn on the power switch of the cooling-water machine.

2、Switching-off sequence of the fiber laser machine

(1)Turn off the power switch of the cooling-water machine.
(2)Turn off the power switch of the laser.


Precautions for Pause

If the duration of pause during the switching-on by the customer exceeds one hour, we suggest that the high voltage of the laser be turned off, the power switch of the fiber laser not be turned off, and the cooling-water machine be turned off. If you need to cut products again, turn on the cooling-water machine and allow it to run till the actual temperature of the high temperature water and low temperature water of the cooling-water machine reaches the set temperature

±1℃. Then turn on the high voltage of the laser, and enable the beam emission for cutting.
Note: The cooling-water machine must not be still running after the power switch of the fiber laser has been turned off!


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