Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | How Weld Inspection Improve Accuracy

Talking about fiber laser cutting machine, a good weld usually exhibits a smooth, uniform, and consistent appearance. Welding inspection plays an important part in optimizing the strength and performance of the weld. because it ensures that the welded joint meets the required level of quality and suitability for the specific purpose. Welding inspection includes a series of quality control inspections performed by welding inspectors, and various welding inspection techniques can be used for different applications. When you determine the welding inspection method, you should also consider the following factors, such as types or the thickness of the material, join configuration, and operating place.


Inspection can help to ensure that quality is controlled to an acceptable level, and the weld may not meet its acceptable performance for some reasons, like weld discontinuities, size, or location of weld. For example, welds that are too small may not be able to withstand the stresses applied during use. Therefore, it is significant to monitor if the level of weld discontinuities is acceptable, so as to fit the welding standard of the industry.

● The eye inspection method is the easiest and least expensive method, but the result may not be accurate. This method is less expensive, but we can’t ensure the internal quality and the weld discontinuities.
Application of fiber laser tube cutting machine

● Welding inspection requires inspectors to have extensive knowledge, including an understanding of welding drawings, symbols and procedures, weld design, specifications and standard requirements, and inspection and testing techniques. Besides, certain certificates are often specified as a contractual requirement by employers as it assures the competence of an inspector, and therefore the quality of the weld.

● Welding manufacturing drawings or blueprints usually provide dimensions and other dimensional information, such as the length and location of the weld. These dimensional requirements are usually determined by design calculations, or taken from a proven design that is known to meet the performance requirements of welded connections.



A good weld needs us to establish a complete welding inspection program to ensure that our finished products achieve the expected results. For example, quality requirements and acceptance criteria, experienced welding inspectors, etc.

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