How Fiber Laser Cutting Technology Optimize The Cutting Accuracy

As one of the largest fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, Hymson Laser is a leading manufacturer of automation systems for new energy automobile, consumer electronics, and metal fabrication industries. In this article, we will walk through how sheet metal laser cutting equipment serve the new energy automobile industry.

The production process of pole pieces is the basis of lithium-ion battery manufacturing and has high requirements on the performance, accuracy, stability, automation level and production efficiency of pole piece manufacturing equipment. In order to meet the requirements of vehicle-level power battery equipment, Hymson laser continues to iterate and innovate its products. Fiber cutting machine faces two main technical difficulties. One is The precise alignment of the punching and cutting of the R angle, the second is the transition from continuous motion to intermittent motion.

Hymson proposed visual positioning detection. This method reduces the influence of material fluctuations and has high positioning accuracy. In addition, the positive electrode cutting method can make the cutting edge of the cut material rounded, and reduce the risk of small collisions and material dropouts. Aiming at the dust problem, Hymson fiber laser cnc machine adopts high-efficiency dust control technology, covering laser station dust removal, air knife dust removal, and electrostatic dust removal.

The visual positioning function of the Hymson uses the CCD camera installed on the machine to play its role. Mark points are used to establish the coordinate relationship and optimize the processing through the motion control system. We can optimize processing through visual processing positioning. After enabling the dual station, the operator can exchange the worktable for rotation cutting after setting the cutting file. The visual positioning function effectively improves the cutting accuracy and improves the cutting quality and efficiency.

As one of metal laser cutting machine manufacturers, Hymson Laser began to set foot in cnc fibre laser cutting machine in 2015 and has been highly recognized by mainstream customers. In terms of production capacity and delivery, Hymson Laser's Jiangmen production base has now entered the stage of large-scale production, which can meet the equipment needs brought by the expansion of the production line of power battery manufacturers.