How to Choose the Best Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

With the development of heavy industry in China, there are more and more cnc sheet cutting machine enterprises, so sheet metal laser cutting machine is widely used in the field of metal cutting. Compared with the traditional cutting, the laser cutter has a huge market. However, how to choose a right or suitable cnc sheet metal cutting machine is an important problem when you facing the complex market. During this time, the following aspects can be considered:

Steel Plate Laser Cutting Machine for High-Quality Sheet Metal Laser Cutting


Take HF· B series laser cutting machine for steel plate as an example, Sheet laser cutting machine has laser power under 8000W and It is the ideal economical machine for high-quality sheet metal laser cutting. The equipment is equipped with CYPCUT laser cutting control system, including laser cutting fabrication processing, common layout function and laser processing control. The main functions of steel sheet cutting machine include graphics processing, parameter setting, custom cutting process editing, layout, path planning, simulation, and cutting process control.

The maximum cutting thickness of different materials for 6000W fiber laser cutting machine: carbon steel maximum thickness 25mm; stainless steel maximum thickness 25mm; aluminum material maximum thickness 25mm; yellow copper maximum thickness 12mm.

Steel Plate Laser Cutting Machine

steel plate cutter machine

Parameter of sheet metal cnc machine:

6000 Watt Cutting Parameters Sheet
Material Thickness(mm) Reference to the effective cutting speed(m/min)
Stainless Steel Nitrogen Gas Aluminum Material Nitrogen Gas Yellow Copper Nitrogen Gas Carbon Steel OxygenGas Nitrogen Gas
1.0 35.0-55.0 35.0-45.0 35.0-45.0 8.0-12.0/40.0-55.0
2.0 20.0-30.0 20.0-25.0 20.0-25.0 5.0-7.0/25.0-35.0
3.0 12.0-20.0 8.0-18.0 10.0-15.0 3.5-5.0/15.0-20.0
4.0 9.0-14.0 9.0-12.0 8.0-10.0 3.2-4.5/10.0-15.0
5.0 6.0-10.0 5.0-8.0 4.5-6.0 3.0-3.8/7.0-9.0
6.0 4.0-8.0 4.0-6.0 3.0-4.0 2.6-3.2/5.0-6.0
8.0 3.0-4.0 2.0-3.0 1.6-2.2 2.0-2.5
10.0 1.6-2.2 1.0-1.9 0.8-1.2 1.6-2.1
12.0 1.2-1.5 0.8-1.4 0.5-0.7 1.0-1.4/1.6-2.0
16.0 0.5-0.75 0.5-0.7   0.7-0.85/1.2-1.6
20.0 0.4-0.6 0.3-0.5   0.5-0.75
22.0       0.5-0.65
25.0 0.2-0.3 0.1-0.2   0.4-0.6

1. Identify your industry needs and cutting scope to choose cnc metal sheet cutting machine

Some enterprises have high requirement on the material cutting precision and smoothness, so they want to choose a high precision sheet metal laser cutter, some enterprises need a high speed, that will choose a high power metal laser cutting machine, also according to the metal plate size to choose suitable machine size for their metal cutting business. If you need to cut stainless steel you should purchase stainless steel sheet cutting machine.

2. Selection of aluminium sheet cutting machine manufacturers

When you clear your cutting needs, we choose the fiber laser tube cutting machine manufacturers, why choose manufacturers? Because the laser machine manufacturer with their own factory, so they produce and market the production by oneself, this may saves the cost of a lot of middlemen, also improve profit for the enterprise, and you can visit manufacturing factory and inspect manufacturer actual strength, cut sample, examine cut edge, finally choose one perfect metal sheet laser cutter.

3. Select the power of cnc metal sheet cutting machine

At present, conventional power of metal laser cutting machine on the market isbetween 500w-36000w. According to the thickness of sheet metal, you can choose the suitable power, which is conducive the sheet metal enterprises to control their costs and achieve their goals faster.

4. After-sales service of cnc laser metal cutting machine manufacturers

In the final comparison, you’d better investigate the manufacturer's after-sales service. Some responsible manufacturers not only provide training, but also respond promptly in the follow-up service, so that the customer's business is not affected by the machine. Shop sheet cutting machinery from Hymson!