Innovation In Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

From carbon steel to stainless steel all the way to highly reflective material, all industrially common materials can be processed by the fiber laser machine with a high level of quality. Fiber laser can handle the materials with nearly any contour, no matter how thick or how sophisticated they are. In this article, we will detail the innovation in fiber laser cutting technology.

Working Principle of Cnc Fiber Laser Cutter

The interaction between a focused laser beam and workpiece forms the basis of laser cutting. To carry out the cutting accurately, there are numerous components used to assist this process.

● Laser beam: the laser beam hits the workpiece and heats it up until it melts or vaporizes.
● Focusing optics: lens and mirror optics focus the laser beam on the processing point
● Nozzle: laser beam and cutting gas meet the workpiece through the cutting nozzle.
● Cutting gas: use cutting gas to blow the produced melt out of the incision. The gas is emitted coaxially with the laser beam from the nozzle.
● Drag lines: during laser cutting, the cutting edge is given a typical drag line pattern. At a lower cutting speed, these drag lines are virtually parallel to the laser beam.

Hymson Laser Cutting Technology

● Rapid Perforation

Hymson’s characteristic new technology, which reduces the time of perforation and optimizes the whole process of perforation to achieve stable, fast, high-quality perforation.

● Leapfrog Cutting

Based on the CNC, this new cutting technology eliminates the disadvantage of “rectangular” motion or false leapfrog of the cutting head. Adopting the motion of a parabola, with jumping and falling based on CNC to achieve real-time control and with accurate and rapid positioning, thus significantly improves the efficiency of processing.

● Lightning Cutting

This cutting technology shines in its ability to optimize Hymson’s cutting process. Lightning cutting has a more efficient capability of perforation and faster-cutting speed. Moreover, it can reduce energy consumption and get a smooth cutting section without fewer burrs.

● Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

When a workpiece cocks, the cutting head can identify it automatically and rise rapidly to avoid the obstacle and locate the position of the next workpiece intelligently.

●  Arbitrary Point Cut-in

With Hymson’s “Arbitrary Point Cut-in” function, the cutting head can cut in at an arbitrary point, without cutting from the start to the end, thus solves the problems of time-consuming, consumption of a lot of materials, high cost, etc.


● Gradual Speed Regulation in Tool Start

With Hymson’s “Gradual Speed Regulation in Tool Start” (for thick sheets) process, after perforation, the speed regulation is gradual intelligently, thus achieves a better cutting effect. This process is mainly used in cutting of thick stainless steel and aluminum alloy sheets, and is stable and provides high-quality workpieces.


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