The Best Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine Features

The metal tube laser cutting machine is a complete upgrade to provide a breakthrough in processing efficiency. This is a four-jaw chuck fiber laser cutting machine with a brand-new design, available for processing long tubes, round tubes, heavy tubes and so on.  
Equipment Model FP 12035
Tube Specification Circular Tubes:Φ20mm~Φ350mm
Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes:□20mm~□250mm
Length of Cutting Residue ≥0mm
Maximum Weight of a Single Tube 1.2t
Floor Space of the Whole Machine 26000mm×5000mmx3000mm
X-axis/Y-axis Positioning Speed 60m/min
  Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Z-axis Positioning Speed 60m/min
  Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
B1-axis and B2-axis Infinite Rotation 60rpm/min
B5-axis (Bevel Cutting Optional) Swing Angle ±45°

Four-jaw chuck

  • Clamp detection to prevent accidental disengagement collision.
  • Chuck jaw clamping status and pipe size can be precisely detected to solve long and heavy workpiece processing problems.
  • Intelligent pipe support device provides multi-point support technology to avoid shaking during the processing of large-size pipes.

Jack Catch

Full-stroke high-precision chuck with a single jack catch thrust up to 1T, leading in the industry. The maximum clamping stroke is 360mm, which can meet most metal tubes’ cutting needs. The rear jack catch adopts an intelligent dust removal system, greatly improving the dustproof effect.

Honeycomb Welded Structure

The crossbeam adopts a gantry-type integral plate welded honeycomb structure, which releases the internal stress by annealing treatment after welding.
  • The guide surface is clamped and processed at one time using a large gantry-type high-precision processing center.
  • The flatness and straightness of the guiding surface are ≤0.05mm. The surface roughness can reach 0.8.

Auxiliary Support

The feeding device adopts a multi-mode chain to achieve semi-automatic feeding. And the auxiliary support adopts servo follow-up to guide and support during feeding. It can effectively prevent the pipe from swaying from side to side when rotating at high speed, thus guaranteeing the precision of turning during cutting.
metal tube laser cutting machine samples

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) System

Applying the new FSCUT5000S professional tube cutting system combines a variety of cutting functions in one. And a wide range of accessories is also available. This tube cutting laser machine is definitely ideal for efficient laser processing and tube cutting.

FSCUT5000S control system: The FSCUT5000S laser cutting control system was developed based on the Windows 10 operating system. It communicates via the Erthercat bus and integrates laser cutting modules with special functions. Therefore, the metal tube laser cutting machine comes with powerful and practical functions and a simple interface - a touch display screen and wireless keyboard and mouse make it easy to operate.

Power curve for real-time frequency: To obtain high-quality acute and right angles, the software is equipped with a real-time frequency/power curve that automatically adjusts the laser radiation power according to the speed of the cutting head movement. When the speed of the cutting head is zero (stopped at the corner), the output radiated power is equal to the minimum power in the setting to prevent burnout at the corner.


All in all, as one of the hot-sale tube fiber laser cutting machines, this tube laser cutting machine adopts a honeycomb welding structure and one-piece chuck for higher precision and more stability. Hymson has been engaged in providing professional integrated laser and automation solutions for customers since 2008. Please feel free to contact us for further details about the tube cutting laser machine today and ask for the best large laser cutting machine price!